Ashe County Farmers Market Strategic Plan

“Ashe County Farmers Market is where residents and visitors connect directly with local farmers and artisans to bring fresh, nutritious food and artisan crafts to the community in a vibrant welcoming atmosphere reflective of the mountain culture.”

Vision Statement
“Sustaining our cherished mountain traditions of small family farms and artisan crafts while welcoming all the possibilities of our evolving community by embracing an entrepreneurial spirit and our enduring commitment to our community and one another.”

Core Values
Quality/Fresh: We bring fresh nutritious food and artisan crafts to the community reflective of the mountain region, made with care and thoughtfulness, with high quality in mind first to meet the high standards of our customers.
Local: Promoting local farmers, artisans and the mountain tradition that make their products unique. We accomplish this by developing, mentoring, and encouraging existing and future local farmers and crafters.
Fun: Foster a climate that engages the vendors and visitors of all ages through personal interaction, educational activities, and special events.
Sustainability: Provide a venue for local farmers and artisans to sell their products and provide high quality foods and crafts in an eco-friendly manner.
Welcoming, Friendliness: farmers, artisans and customers celebrate a vibrant market environment and are inclusive of all people.
Community Connectedness: Develop a community among farmers, artisans and the public that addresses their wants and needs and provide an avenue to access nutrition and products that are not normally found elsewhere.

Strategic Priority 1: Provide creative solutions and a structured plan to communicate to our customers prior to and during the market.
• Connect vendor products to the customer
• Connect market functions/activities to the customer
• Connect market to locals to increase community participation
• Connect nutritional benefits to our customers

Strategic Priority 2: Promote vendor sustainability through programs that support vendor success and satisfaction
• Identify opportunities to increase vendor success through increased income
• Identity products and vendors needed to expand the diversity of products
provided at the market
• Develop processes that support vendor retention

Strategic Priority 3: Engage with the key entities within the community to positively influence the benefits the market provides.
• Work with various farming programs/business leaders to promote the market • Work and promote key youth agricultural and artisan programs within the community
• Expanding the availability of produce to other parts of the county

Strategic Priority 4: Develop a governance structure and facilities plan that support our mission and vision
• Review and modify the governance structure as necessary to be supportive,
flexible, and fluid to meet the direction the market is growing
• Offer a facility environment that is clean, fun, welcoming, and inclusive meeting the future needs of vendors and the growing demand of customers


Ashe County Farmers Market Vendor Registration Open for 2021

2021 Vendor Registration is now open for Ashe County Farmers Market. Please fill out vendor registration form, produce/nursery form, organic declaration if applicable and mail forms along with check to the following address:

PO Box 21, Jefferson, NC 28640, Attn: Carol Griffith

Forms and Checks are due by Saturday, March 20th

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Last Holiday Market on Saturday, December 5th

The Last Holiday Market will be Saturday, December 5th from 10 am until 2 pm. Last chance to get woodworking crafts like deer, trees, snowmen, and ornaments. We will also have Alpaca fiber goodies such as scarfs, ornaments, dryer balls, handbags, coasters, etc. Also handmade masks and quilts, beautiful wreaths, arrangements, cotton candy, corn hole boards and tabletops, jewelry, pottery, fresh apples, molasses, potatoes and fresh eggs.