Meet Our 2024 Vendors


Gairl & Tim Barker – Mountain Paradise Nursery

With over 25 years in business and a passion for plants, we hope you’ll come and meet Gairl and Tim at the market.  They have many delightful plant surprises almost every week throughout the season.   Rare, unusual, garden favorites, native to exotic, they have them all!


Linda Bennett – The Bread Lady

The Bread Lady sells sourdough bread, amish friendship loaves and crochet and knitted items like scarves and shawls.  Her mother taught her to make sourdough bread at a young age and she has been making it ever since.  It’ s melt in your mouth delicious!  Stop by the market and try it for yourself!  You will not be sorry!  But get there early as she is usually the first one to sell out each week!!!  


Wayne Berry – A Berry Patch Farm

Everyone knows Wayne at the market.  Kids especially come running down the market to see who can get to his space first to buy his flavorful “honey straws”!!  Wayne loves his bee hives and it shows in his honey.  He has clover and wildflower with hints of blackberries, etc.  Wayne is a wealth of information if you are looking to know a little something about bees.   Have you tried his creamed honey on a hot biscuit?  Oh my, is it good!!  


Laura Bower – Bower’s Design

Laura started making bracelets because her sister in law made them for her as gifts  and she loved getting them so much she decided to start making them herself.   She uses semi-precious stones which she loves and says there are so many of them to chose from. She uses leather cords and wood burned buttons for clasps.  She makes bracelets, necklaces and has other offerings at her space.  Stop by and stay hello!


Amy Bumgardner – Amy Bumgardner Jewelry

Many of you already know Amy as she has been a Craft/Expo vendor for several years.  We welcome her as a permanent vendor with her stunning handmade sterling silver and up-cycled copper artisan jewelry.  Each piece is designed and handcrafted by her.   In 2010, she began looking for creative outlets and making jewelry sparked her interest.  She started out making beaded jewelry and quickly shifted to metalsmithing once she purchased her first torch.   Go by and say hello to Amy and welcome her to the market!   Check out her website at  


Josh & Meghann Clawson – Triple Peaks Farm 

 Josh and Meghann are first generation hemp farmers here in heart of the Appalachian mountains.  All of their CBD products are handmade from their own hemp crops.  They are proud to say they keep everything from processing to creation in the High Country of North Carolina + are so proud of their mountain roots.  Stop by their space to learn more about their many offerings.  Also check out their website at


Beverly Clayton –  Blossom Blessings

Beverly has a love for flowers and desired to find a way to restore them.  After studying books on pressing, she mastered the craft.  She has recently become interested in wood burning and has begun creating shapes out of blank wood pieces.  You can find Beverly at the first space at the main entrance.  She is a lovely woman to chat with! 


Joe Clayton – Joe’s Jamming Woodworks

Joe loves making furniture from the wood he harvests on his land here in Ashe County. Each shape and color varies as he chooses them walking through the woods.  Reindeer were Joe’s first animal creation and over the years, he has a barnyard full of different kinds.  You can also find Joe along with Beverly at the main entrance.  Joe will always have a joke or two for you!  


Martha, Charlie and George Colvard – Colvard Farms

The Colvard Family has been farming in Ashe County for nearly 100 years.  They sell farm fresh eggs and various items including several variety of potatoes, sweet corn, summer & winter squash, beans, cabbage, peppers and the best sweet sorghum you ever had.  Put some of that on a hot biscuit with some butter and you will be back every year for more!  


Tanner Correll – Hooked Off Line

Tanner began crafting fishing lures of various sorts many years ago as a broke teenager with a love for fishing.  Then as a senior project in college, he invented and manufactured the first Lineminder™.   He also hand carves fishing lures (Rapala style) hand tied flies for fly fishing and lure wraps.  Stop by the market and meet Tanner and check out his one of a kind Lineminder™.   Check Tanner out at


Ron & Sharon Cox – Cold Tuesday Farm

Ron grows amazing Asparagus!  I use to think asparagus would be best if I picked it when it had small, thin stalks, but I soon learned that the most tender, wonderful tasting asparagus are the fat, larger stalks.  You never know what you might learn when you talk to a farmer!   Ron’s wife Sharon makes wonderful Apple Pies, Pecan Pies, Black Walnut Cakes and Apple Butter.  Stop by and see them one Saturday.


Craig Young DeBoard – Carl’s Pond Farms

Craig is new to our market this year.  He is a farmer that will offer produce, such as sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, chili peppers, snow & field peas, shelley beans, shallots and green onions, plus herbs, flowers, fruits, succulents and chestnuts.    We are excited to have Craig join our market.  picture to follow….


Mike & Dianne Eldreth – Fuzzy Hollar Farms & Crafts

Mike hand crafts cornhole boards.   He has large ones and table top varieties.  Pick from your favorite sport team logos to USA flags, outdoor scenery, or tell him your idea for decorating one.  Once you meet him, you will never guess what is favorite college team is:)


Sanford Fishel – Fishel Organics

Sanford has 38 acres devoted to organic production of tomatoes of all varieties and many other unique vegetables.  He has an abundance of vegetables every week at the market.  People from all over come to see what Sanford has fresh at the market.  His space is filled with beautiful fresh organic temptings each week.  


Brian Furches – Oakwood Farm LLC

Brian is a strawberry farmer and brings delicious strawberries to the market during the season.  He grows ever-ready strawberries which have a longer growing season.  Brian sells out every Saturday pretty early, so get here early and make sure you don’t miss his strawberries!  They sure are YUMMY!!


Jennifer Gilbert – River Rose Flower Farm

Jennifer, Caroline and Sherman are new to the market this season.  A Woman-Owned Family Farm tended by Jennifer & Caroline, a Mother and Daughter-in-Law team passionate for plants.  Our small scale farm is planted on bottom land along the New River, farmed by our family for multiple generations in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.  All of our seeds are collected, sifted, winnowed, and packaged by hand using primitive techniques.  Each seed variety is heirloom or true to seed, as it is ideal for seed conservation and can be handed down through generations.   Stop by and say hello to the Gilberts one Saturday!   picture to follow


Tom Givins & Berkeley Brown – The Sugar Shack & Abundant Toad Garden

Tom makes maple syrup from sap collected on Vermont State Park land.  The syrup is brought down to the high country in barrels, reheated, filtered and put into small jugs.   He also makes maple candy from the syrup.  Is maple syrup pretty much all the same?  Absolutely not, just ask Tom!   You can find Tom & Berkeley at the market most Saturday’s!  Berkeley will also be bringing her batiks this year.  Don’t know what a batik is, stop by and ask!  Visit their website at


Jennifer Gunns – Calico Cookies LLC

Jennifer is new to our market this year.  She loves to bake and creates cookie flavors that you don’t normally find, such as root beer, blackberry honey, pineapple, and cherry among many other flavors.  In addition to her cookies, she will have other baked goods that will vary from week to week.  Stop by and meet Jennifer and try one of her cookies!  


Alan Hanson – Blue Ridge Naturals

Alan grew up farming and uses organic practices.  He grows greens using hydroponic methods which means using no soil, only water.  He has some delicious lettuces, kale, chard, etc.  Interested in this method, stop by and talk to Alan!  He is always located on the closed end of the shelter at the first space when you walk in.


Michelle Hanson – Back Street Beads

Michelle has a love of gemstones and it shows in her gemstone jewelry and accessories.  She is located in the closed end of the market when you first walk in.  Stop by and say hello and ask her about some of her creations on her table.  


Danny Harvey / Bill Moretz – Apples Etc. & Piney Creek Products and Moretz Orchards & Farms

Farming has always been a part of life for Danny and his family.  Danny has a small farm and grows a variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries as well as cane for molasses, honey bees and chickens for eggs.  You can always find a variety of goodies in Danny’s space.  He also dries fresh apple rings and they are mighty tasty!


Joe Howard – Howard’s Knub

Joe makes every size and shape of spoon you can think of out of a lot of different species of woods.   Stop by Joe’s table in the closed end section of the market and let him tell you about his spoons.  


Ricky Hurt – Mountain Roots Farm

Ricky has an amazing variety of fresh produce throughout the growing season.  His wide variety of beautiful potted flowers and stunning sunflowers keep customers coming back week after week.  Did I mention his smile!  Maybe that’s why customers keep coming back!  


Lyn Hutton – Crafts

Lyn is an ole timer at the market.  She has seen a lot of changes and faces come and go at the market.   Lyn makes carpenter bee traps, blue bird, swallow, finch and wren houses and other wood items like the spaghetti measurer you see in the picture.   Lyn is also a retired New York Fire Captain.  Talk to her about that!


Ron & Suzanne Joyner – Big Horse Creek Farm

Ron and Suzanne began growing many varieties of apple trees and then began grafting their own apple trees and now have over 300 heirloom apple varieties in their orchards.  They bring their fresh apples to the market to sell each season along with a variety of apple trees.  They also sell gourmet garlic in bulk and braids.  Check out their website at


George Katsoudas – Deep Ford Woodworking

George is a woodworking man!  He makes beautiful cutting boards, charcuterie boards and furniture.   George is located in the closed end of the market.  Stop by and strike up a conversation!  You won’t be sorry.


Jessica Ladd – Amado Farm

Jessica moved to NC Mountains in 2021 and immediately began to raise ducks, chickens and quail for their eggs.  She brings all three types of eggs to the market to sell every other week, sometimes more.  Stop by her space to see what she has!  You never know what surprise it will be!


Jennifer & Adrienne Ley – Pendle Alpacas

Fine fiber from cute critters is a mother daughter enterprise.  Jennifer and her family moved to Ashe County in 2015 and began raising alpacas and working with their fiber.  They create hand spun and dyed yarn and accessories including handwoven scarves, hand knitted items, felted ornaments and dryer balls.  Visit their website at


Dan Marett – Shipwrecked  Seasonings & Coffee

Dan is new to our market for 2023.  He will be offering seasonings, flavored coffees – whole bean & ground and hot chocolate mixes.   Dan got into this business when he entered a cooking competition in 2009 and well, the rest is history.    Welcome to the market Dan!   You can find Dan on     


Tim & Carolyn Miller – Highland Meadow Cattle Company

Tim and Carolyn raise Scottish Highland Cattle for beef and breeding stock.  Check out their website at to learn more about the benefits of this naturally lean and tender beef.   You can find Tim & Carolyn in the middle of the open end section of our market. 


Micah Orfield – Boss Lady Meats

Micah is new to our market this year.  She will be bringing pork, beef, lamb and eggs.   You might already know Micah from the Ashe County Extension Agency.  She is our local livestock agent.  Stop by and see her this season at the market and take home some delicious meats!  


Wayne & Kimberly Pitts – New River Woods Apiary & Vista Tranquila Publishers

Wayne & Kimberly are new to our market this year.  New River Woods Apiary is located on 12 acres in Lansing, NC.  Tulip poplar, red maple, basswood and other flowering trees provide a nectar source that makes mountain honey distinct.  As hobby beekeepers, Wayne & Kim are committed to the sustainable and environmental practice of beekeeping.  They are committed to providing quality honey and beeswax products.    They also wanted to share with travel experiences with their families, so they started Vista Tranquila Publisher while living in Guatemala.  As former university professors, they strive to promote an understanding of cultural traditions and languages through their bilingual books.   Stop by and say hello to Wayne & Kim!!


Nancy Potter – Potter Farms

Nancy has been a staple at our market for many, many years.   She brings fresh produce weekly and beans and corn by the bushels.   She always has people in line and sells out frequently so if you want anything from Nancy, you better make her your first stop!  


Paul & Bri Raiche – Happy Hens NC, LLC

Happy Hens is an Ashe County farm producing chickens, turkeys and also chicken eggs.   In the beginning, Paul and Bri were growing for themselves, then started their farm and decided to expand their customer base and markets.  We are delighted to have them at the market along with their precious children!  Check out their website at


Chuck & Ann Rice – Nature’s Light Candles

Chuck & Ann are producers of soy/coconut wax candles, scented with essential oils in a variety of scents and containers.  If you smell something nice in the market air, it’s probably one of their scents in the air.  Check out their website at


John Roberts Jr. – Fraser Ridge Farm

John and his family have been at the market for many years.  They have a variety of perennial and annual flowers for your flower beds, window boxes or anywhere you would like to plant a flower!   They are located in the open end of the market in the middle.  


Helen & Jerry Roman – Helen’s Products from the Farm

Helen & Jerry decided that their lifestyle choice would be farming.  They raise beef, lamb, yak and dzo.  Jerry always has something interesting to tell you and Helen has wonderful baked products, gourmet jams and Malcom’s Madness which is a delicious pepper sauce that can be stirred and then enjoyed on everything except maybe ice cream.   


Ann Rose – Rose Mountain Farm

Rose Mountain farm produces organically grown produce in 6000 square feet of high tunnel space and one half acre of open field.   Apple trees were planted in 2018 for a mix of cider and dessert fruits.  30 pawpaw were added 2022.  Elderberry remains a staple nursery crop.   Learn more about Ann at


Cristina Sanchez – Baked by Sanchez

Christina bakes all kinds of wonderful things!  From different flavored breads, lemon bars, honey buns, peach crisp bars, etc, etc!   Find Cristina at the market and see what she has on hand for the day!  It is always a delicious surprise! 


Darlene Sekerak & Ben Massey – Red Hill Farm

Darlene and Ben bring delicious blueberries and raspberries to the market during the season.   You can also find flavored wood chips from their land, great for adding to your grill or smoker for a nice apple or hickory flavor.   


Brenda Smith – Honor the Past Herbals

Brenda became interested in wild food foraging in the 70’s when she read the Foxfire books about mountain traditional living.  She branched out into studying herbalism and the healing medicinal properties of plants.  Brenda creates looseleaf tea blends from plants she grows using no chemicals and some she forages herself from wild land.  She also sells botanical incense made from those same plants.  


Paula Snow – Snowset Farms

Paula is dedicated to growing farm fresh flowers, garlic and gourds.  Her flowers are used in fresh bouquets and flower crowns, others are dried and used on wreaths and various crafts.  The garlic is harvested mid summer, cured and braided for fresh or decorative use.  Pumpkins and gourds of several interesting varieties will be available in the fall for decorative use.  Stop by and say Hello to Paula!   


Jerrod Sutcliffe – Bear Iron Forge 

Jerrod is a former solider and came to Ashe County from Connecticut to set up his own blacksmith and blade-smith shop.  Bear Iron Forge is a veteran owned non-profit that offers classes and workshops on blade-smithing, tool making and more creative applications of the blacksmithing trade to all with a mission to provide veterans, first responders and active duty servicemen with low or no cost classes.  Jerrod is new to our market this year!   Stop and by and say hello to Jerrod and see a sampling of what he creates.  

Kevin & Antonia (Ann) Swann – Handwrought Goods, LLC

Kevin & Ann started out making high quality leather goods for theirselves and now it has turned into a business.  They create handcrafted leather goods, utilizing high end vegetable tanned leather to make a variety of products.   They also make handmade case bound and soft bound journals, sketchbooks and stationary, cards and envelopes.   Ann makes a variety of handmade baked goods including Greek and American pastries, breads, muffins and other treats.    Stop by and say hello to the Swann’s!   Check out their website at


Carrie Vargas – Vargas Family Farms

Located in Crumpler, Vargas Family Farms utilizes seasonal extension techniques to provide naturally grown, seasonally fresh produce from early spring until late fall.  They grow in high tunnels which allows them to maintain a warmer climate for their “plant babies” as they start their season.  Look for Carrie at the market as she is known for her lettuce bowls and DIY vegetable and herb garden needs.  She’s tall, redheaded and full of energy with a great big smile!!  Got any questions, just ask her!   Visit their website at


Johnny Viers – Viers Nursery

Johnny grows all your shrubbery needs.  He has green giants, golden thread, emerald green, beautiful hydrangea’s, yews, weigelia’s and hetz midgets.  Stop by and talk to Johnny, you probably know him already!  


Scott Walworth – Woodbine Native Nursery

Scott is a walking encyclopedia book of native plants grown in the high country.   He has medicinal, edible, and ornamental varieties of flowers, shrubs, and trees.  He also has shiitake logs and chestnut trees.  You can find Scott on the open end of the market close to the main entrance.    


Cheryl Williams – Grassy Creek Pottery

Cheryl received a Fine Arts degree with a major in pottery in the late 80’s.  While working as a Montessori Teacher for 21 years, she continued to do pottery on the side.  Cheryl hand throws functional pieces that are dishwasher and microwave safe.  She also creates face jugs and sculptural pieces that are inspired by the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.   You can tell her love for the art by looking at her work.  Stop by and say hello to Cheryl when you are at the market.    Check out her website at


Linda Wylie – Wylie Crafts

Linda is a very talented artist.   She makes beautiful baskets, pottery, nativity sets, yarn bowls, flower vases, and so much more.   She is located in the closed end section of the market.  Stop by and see what beautiful things she has today!


Phil Wylie – Woodworking by Phil

Phil is a woodworker and makes beautiful things out of many different species of wood.   He has lazy susans, salt & pepper shakers, beautiful unique bowls,  cutting boards, etc.  Phil is located in the closed end of the section.  Stop on by and see what Phil has made this week!


Meet the Expo Crafters – At Market 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month


Christina Bettini (Chris) – The Infinite Daisy

In 2015, Chris took out her old Kenmore sewing machine, came across a book about how to sew fabric wrapped rope and the rest is history.  Chris sews beautiful decorative bowls made from USA grown braided cotton rope.  She has Banneton bowls, used for bread/dough proofing.  She has even made a custom rope cat bed, complete with cushion.  Custom orders are always welcome.  Just stop by and say Hi to Chris and see what she can do for you!  

Jeff & Kat Culp – Jobe WoodArt

in 1993, Jeff took a woodworking class at the local community college.  After marrying Kat in 2001 and building a shop a few months later, Kat’s interest in crafts took off.  They both stay very busy doing what they love.  They make handcrafted furniture, household/kitchen accessories and scroll saw art.  Stop by and say hello and see what they are into.   pic to come….

Ashley Lemmon – Possum Queen Studios

Ashley drew inspiration from generations of family visionaries.  Their encouragement and a natural love of the arts drives her to create handcrafted one of a kind stained glass, mosaics and blacklight reactive art, jewelry and home decor items.  Stop by and say hello to Ashley!   

Candice Lengyel – Trailside Workshop

Candice, the maker behind Trailside Workshop, is a beaded jewelry artist.  She draws inspiration from the flora and fauna of the Blue Ridge Mountains to create hand-beaded wearables, along with other nature inspired wares that come and go with the seasons.    Stop by and say hello to Candice! 


Nancy Mahala – A Variety of Textiles 

Nancy is a fiber artist who dyes wool and then spins it into yarn.  She then knits and weaves into wearables such as hats, scarves and sweaters.  She also hand weaves many items for the home such as tapestries.  Not only is she a weaver, but also a felter and makes creations with wet and needle felting.   Stop by and say Hello to Nancy!


Alexander Rago – Alex Rago Sculpture

Alex makes sculptures in a variety of materials.  He has been sculpturing for over 30 years.  He has some beautiful items.   Stop by this table and see what he brought with him!  


Barbara Sears – Cards of Note

Barbara paints one of a kind watercolor images on high quality water color paper, mounting them on note cards.  She started out taking watercolor classes at Florence Thomas Arts School and the rest is history.  Find Barbara at the market and check out her beautiful cards.    pic to come……

Carol Griffith – Market Manager – Manager’s Table

Carol is a native to Ashe County and also our Market Manager.  Her office is in the mid section of the market where she hands out Double Food Bucks for SNAP/EBT, WIC and Senior FMNP.  Please make sure you see her first to get your tokens.   She also has Market Tokens if you forgot to go by an ATM on your way in.  Market Tokens act just like cash and can be used at any vendor space.  They come in $5.00 increments.  The market does have to add on a small fee to run your debit/credit card for the Market Tokens due to the fees we get charged.  The market also has ACFM T-shirts for sale, water and sodas available for donations.  Stop by and say hello!!